Who we are

We are Sutech Autonomous Technology Inc., the company owns the SUCOOTER project, which is funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). Our focus is on creating autonomous marine vehicles for urban water transportion. We design and manufacture vessels, as well as the necessary software and electronic systems.


At SuCooter, we specialize in developing sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective waterway mobility solutions. Through our dedication to innovation, we create time-saving technologies and cutting-edge solutions for sustainable transportation. Our primary goal is to provide safe, efficient, and user-friendly vessels for urban waterway mobility. We achieve this through the implementation of autonomous technologies, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation options for urban areas.


We believe that technology is the key to a prosperous future. Safety is part of that future. That is why we are dedicated to developing autonomous systems that can provide safe and reliable solutions for urban water transport. Our vision is to become a leading technology company in the autonomous marine vehicle industry by providing zero-emission and intelligent solutions .

Our Story

SuCooter specializes in the development of sustainable, reliable, and economically viable solutions for waterway mobility. Our mission is to revolutionize urban transportation by offering innovative technologies and forward-thinking approaches to sustainable mobility. With a strong emphasis on autonomous systems, we deliver safe, efficient, and user-centric vessels designed specifically for urban waterway navigation. Our commitment to cutting-edge advancements ensures reliable and optimized transportation options that enhance the overall urban experience.